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Thursday, Nov 26th

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President Sarah Claasen's Statement on Farm Workers Protest Action

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In the wake of the farm worker strike and wide spread farm worker protests across the Western Cape for the past two weeks for a Living Wage, Decent Work and Decent Lives, I Sarah Claasen, a farm worker and President of the Sikhula Sonke Farm Workers Trade Union wish to call on all Sikhula Sonke Members and friends of Sikhula Sonke to assist us in any form to help mobilise our farm workers into representative farm worker committees to get their mandates for the negotiations process as well as planning for our joint farm worker protest action planned for 4 December.


The time has come where we as farm workers need to speak with one voice and demand what is rightfully ours, to demand for a respect our our labour and human rights, to demand for a national bargaining counsel in the agricultural sector, to demand for an inter-ministerial committee to be set up in Nedlac to look at farm worker communities' issues around decent work and decent lives, issues such as a living wages, health and safety, tenure, wage discrimination, access to resources, etc.


Sikhula Sonke condemns the violence in our farming communities by workers, farmers and the police and mourns the loss of lives of  two of our farm workers in Wolsely.  We call on the police and farmers to stop intimidating and victimizing our farm workers, and also call on the police and government to release all our farm workers who has been arrested during the farm worker protest across the Western Cape during the past two weeks. 


We call on all our members to organise on farm and town levels and on our friends and stakeholders to assist in any form necessary. To our donors we request to give generously as we need to be as inclusive as possible and reach our services beyond our own members.


Aluta Continua!!