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Anti Alchohol Abuse Campaign

On Local Branch Campaigns we have decided that all branches should decide on and implement their own campaigns by the end of June. The land reform and violence against women is always a core and an on-going Sikhula Sonke campaign. As per our strategic plan.


Rawsonville Anti- Alcohol Abuse Campaign

Alcohol Abuse Banner

The problem of alcoholism which has been cemented by many years of the illegal “Tot” or “Dop” system has had devastating consequences for farm workers, evidence of this can be seen throughout the farm workers communities.   During the month of March we ran an Anti-Alcohol Campaign in our Rawsonville branch as members has felt that alcoholism is a major problem in their community.

We have done a pamphlet, designed a banner, and arranged for the printing of t-shirts. Communicated with stakeholders to get their buy-in and participation, these would be the South African Police Services, the Department of Agriculture, Forestry and Fisheries, Dept of Health, Labour, Social Services, the Breederiver Municipality, etc, have networked and co-opted local partners such as Badisa, Churches, Toevlug Rehabilitation Centre, etc. All staff at the office including has assisted local organiser with the farm information sessions that led up to the march and the public meeting and information sharing sessions on Saturday 31 March 2012. We have also set up media coverage for the event and arranged radio interviews for Grace, our local organiser and our Caseworker with the local Community Radio Station.

Rawsonvile Anti-Alcohol Campaign March 1The challenge that we as a union has is that substance abuse is a common problem amongst farm workers. This abuse obviously has dire consequences such as loss of work due to drunk on duty, absent without leave, losing the right to tenure of housing, domestic abuse, etc, for our members’ work and family life. As a union we need to network more and garner granting of continues integrated support services from all stakeholders to our farm communities. Having an awareness raising campaign is not enough to bring about substantial behavioural changes in our communities and we need a political and social commitment from both the public and private sector in our endeavours.   Sikhula Sonke needs to work out a realistic approach as to what our intermediary role as a social movement is and what our collective aims, demands and voice is around sustainable support and solution to substance abuse in our farming communities.

Wendy Pekeur


 The week of action really highlighted the plight of farm workers and dwellers on wine farms in the Western Cape.

 No buy in from farmers

We met with targeted farm owners (ones we hand memorandums to) to talk about the victimisation of members since workers do not have access to alternative accommodation and has propose solutions which included the option for workers to become owners of the housing and land they currently reside on. None of the affected farmers were supporting the proposal and would rather move people of the land to upgrade farm housing for tourist accommodation.

The issue around poor housing was also not addressed for the same reason as above.  On Hydro the managing director indicated in a meeting with the General Secretary they will upgrade farm ousing if there’s less families on the farm. Four families including long term occupiers left the farm which according to law constitutes illegal evictions. Eviction processes were stopped on all the other farms visited.

There is currently no legislative frame work to force farmers to upgrade farm housing. The Municipality, South African Human Rights Commission, National department of Housing claims that they can’t intervene since it is private property.



Wendy Pekeur


Een van die grootste uitdagings was die tekort aan ko ordinering deur enige persoon of Struktuur. Dit het beteken dat geen effektiewe monitering van veldtog aktiwiteite plaasgevind het nie. Tydens die stock taking proses in die middel van die jaar was daar voorgestel dat die Algemene Sekretaris die ko ordinerings rol moet vervul. Die Veldtog strategie is ook nie in plek nie en dit gee aanleiding dat ons nie altyd seker is hoe om eise oorgedra op te volg of druk toe te pas nie. Sikhula Sonke is deel van verskeie veldtogte en moet dit hersien en prioritiseer.


 Eksterne konteksuele veranderinge gedurende die verslag periode

Politieke Omgewing
Tydens die voorloop van die verkiesing was COPE ‘n nuwe politieke party in die lewe geroep. Dit het egter nie enige nuwe hoop vir plaas werkers gebring nie e nuwe en bestaande manifesto’s is steeds dieselfde soos in die 1994 verkiesing. Die huidige veldtogte vir leefbare lone, moratorium op uitsettings, waardige werk, waardige lewens (werks versekering, sosiale Beskerming) en geskikte behuising was glad nie aangeraak in die manifestos. Die Demokratiese Alliansie ondersteun gewillige koper, gewillige verkoper wat teengestaan word deur Sikhula Sonke en ander Grond regte Organisasies. Nuwe plaas werkers desks was geloods by Munisipaliteite sonder die betrokkenheid van plaaslike plaas werker Organisasies of plaas werkers.